Saturday, November 5, 2016

How to alienate a voter

In my mail box was an advertisement from the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. It stated, starkly on the front sheet, that “NOT voting IS as statement…” What kind of “statement” it suggests that you are making? 

In this election, NOT Voting is a statement that sexually assaulting women is okay.

NOT Voting says that attacking people based on their race or religion is tolerable.

NOT Voting tells our children denigrating women based on their looks is acceptable.

The upshot is that we are supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton because we shouldn’t like Donald Trump’s real and alleged “behavior.” Issues? Policy positions? What are they? Who needs them? This is about electing a corrupt and pathological liar for the sole reason that she is female. Hypocrisy and the tyranny of gender politics—particularly by those white women who use both their gender and their race for self-serving reasons—is something that you will just have to tolerate, because it is all done in the name of “justice.” 

I’m sorry; patronization and the reality of power politics in this country is something I cannot ignore. Corruption and non-stop lying I cannot ignore. Being made to feel “guilty’ by people who are far up the class and economic scale than I am will not sway my vote, but rather will only further alienate me. 

Actually, I already mailed in my ballot before I read this campaign missive, so it didn’t have any direct influence on my vote. I voted mostly Democrat, voted against anything that had a gender agenda (you see, I remember how white women in this state voted on the anti-affirmative action I-200), but otherwise voted for progressive and public service-minded initiatives. I will tell you on Monday what I meant by “mostly.”

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