Saturday, November 19, 2016

How did Trump rise from political joke to president? Just one "missing" ingredient

I was frankly surprised about how often I’ve mentioned Donald Trump in my blog before this past presidential race. Here are some of my mentions of Trump from the past:

March 2011
That guy with the bad hair, Donald Trump. Trump claims he can do a much better job with the economy; the problem is he is one of a type who helped sink it in the first place. Trump, by the way, has been in bankruptcy court numberless times, and received a sweet heart deal from banks in 1991 that helped him avoid both financial and personal ruin. He’s still trying to avoid paying off loans he owes, making the bizarre claim that the current recession is an “Act of God”—so it isn’t his fault that he can't honor his obligations to Deutsche Bank. Let this guy run the country? Only if you believe in smoke and mirrors.

May 2011
George Stephanopoulos allowed Donald Trump to air-out what are essentially his own made-up “facts” as to Obama’s citizenship as a means to “advance” his quest for the presidency, rather than expose the infantile nature of Trump’s thought processes.

Some more thoughts on Donald Trump’s delusion that he is presidential material: He’s obviously been conned by his own public relations machine. He’s been portrayed as a “successful” businessman, but really he’s just a “celebrity”—perhaps a little more substantive than Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie combined. The fact is that he’s made his money gaming the system, having been in and out of bankruptcy courts for at least twenty years. And he’s not a “self-made” man—his father, Fred Trump, was. “The Donald” benefited immensely from his father’s success and good name as a builder of residential homes and rental apartments in New York City, and Trump used his father’s assets to set himself up; he’s a good salesman of the infomercial variety, but otherwise people should not be fooled by this self-promoter and charlatan.

Meanwhile…Despite the fact that Barack Obama released his “long form” birth certificate that should put to rest the birther business, Arizona is carrying-on “humiliating” itself by an attempt by Republican legislators to re-introduce the "Birther Bill," which applies only to persons planning to run for president or vice president on the state ballot…as we recall, the certificate that birther Donald Trump recently provided the media wasn’t even a legal document.

August 2011
The Tea Party would also do away with Social Security and Medicare. Think about it: The Tea Party believes that doing away with these programs with lead to more tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, who will allegedly use that money to create jobs. One problem is that outside the Warren Buffetts of the world, the wealthy and people who run corporations do not have the national interest in mind, let alone the common person. Surprisingly, Donald Trump—who derided Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget cutting plan as “stupid”—recently admitted to George Stephanopoulos that he thought that the super rich who did not want to pay higher taxes were not “patriotic.” These people are not saying “We need to create more jobs because too many people in this country are suffering.” They are saying “How can we maximize profit?” Do we need to cut more jobs?” The federal government is in fact the largest employer in the country, and has been the most reliable; the smaller government that the Tea Party yearns for will only send even more people onto the street—to an even smaller social safety net, if there still is one.

December 2011
Bloomberg News recently reported on how some billionaires have risen in opposition to the call of other self-styled “patriotic” millionaires and billionaires—including the now party-unaffiliated Donald Trump—to raise their tax rates to help maintain a civil society, instead of one where the Prince Prosperos of the country try in vain to hide from the consequences of their avarice. One millionaire hedge fund manager admitted on NPR that businesspeople were not in the “business” of job creation, but in sales and profits; if they could safely cut more jobs, they would do it without the slightest pangs of conscience. They had to be “forced” to create jobs in the face of increased consumer demand that on hand labor cannot meet. Unfortunately, in this country the people who currently have all the extra cash (the rich)--due to massive income disparity in this country and the disappearing middle class--prefer to hide their income in tax shelters and capital gains havens. That cash would be better used in the hands of ordinary consumers, but greed and avarice rule the minds of the newly-surfaced, super-rich "put-upons."

January 2013
Of course, there are variations in the level of common sense and credibility. Take for instance Donald Trump; the good thing is that he doesn’t hold public office, and thus isn’t as dangerous as, say, Michele Bachmann. Another politician who seems intent on out-doing her colleagues in exposing the ass-end of history is the blonde, blue-eyed demi-fascist and social conservative Marsha Blackburn—who happens to be a representative from the state of Tennessee, where there is no shame in ignorance.

March 2013
The CPAC conference—which not surprisingly did not invite a true moderate like New Jersey governor Chris Christie, but did invite the increasingly racially-polarizing and paranoid schizophrenic  Donald Trump—is what it is: A coming together of people largely out-of-touch with the views of most people in this country, hoping to arrive at a strategy that will cloak their bigoted worldview in a shroud of “rights,” but in fact narrows the rights of working people (begun in earnest under the regime of the “hero,” Ronald Reagan) in favor of the privileged “elite.” This is about changing how people “perceive” their reactionary agenda. That an uncritical media gives this gathering a spin of “legitimacy” only serves to cause utter revulsion to people who believe that “we the people” refers to more than the caste who wrote those words. The people gathered at the conference need to be exposed for who they: Blind fanatics with no purpose but to create a country that serves the cause of the few over the many.

So what have we learned here? That Trump is the James Watt of self-serving hypocrisy? He claims that the 2007-2008 recession was an “Act of God,” and not the fault of the financial banksterism he now wants to re-instate. He is not a “self-made” man, but someone who was provided the proverbial “silver spoon.” He was critical of the “super rich” who do not pay taxes; they are not “patriotic.” What does that make him, who hasn’t paid taxes for decades? That Republicans are a hypocritical bunch when it comes to having a “good” thing fall in their laps. The extremist far-right has their reactionary in the White House at last—bringing a boatload of fringe fanatics in tow to “govern” this country—and Republicans who opposed him on the assumption he would lose the election are suddenly “all aboard.” 

But what is most interesting is that immigration was never mentioned; in fact, it appears that it was tapping back in the dark, rat-infested corner of anti-Hispanic racism that turned Trump from a mild joke into a “legitimate” presidential contender.

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