Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Before they cancel the ACA, Americans should demand that Trump and the Republicans pass a "better" replacement

Donald Trump seems “surprised” to be told that his new best pals Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon are not well-liked by a significant portion of the population, because, well, their racists, xenophobes, white nationalists, etc.  He did not know that Bannon had not just openly embraced the “alt-right” movement, but in fact was prime player in taking the “movement” out of the sewers into the “mainstream”? Trump says he “disavows” the “alt-right” movement, yet the de facto “leader” of the alt-right is his “chief counselor”? Whatever happened to his “pledge” to be president of all Americans, not just the haters of anything that doesn’t benefit solely those of pallid complexion?

Trump is threatening—well, not “threatening,” but promising—to rip apart everything that discomfited him personally in the past, like bank regulation, foreign trade deals, health care reform. Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen has warned that it is a serious mistake to do away with the Dodd-Frank banking regulation law, but Trump has told us that he has his pen ready on day one to do away with it. Of course, Trump doesn’t really have any idea how his plans will affect the average working American (only the rich, like himself), but what does he care, I mean really? He claims to be worth $10 billion; that is the total that about a half-million low-wage Americans earn in a year. 

What should concern people in the here and now is Trump’s intention to sign any law that the Republicans in their arrogance and stupidity intend with respect to the Affordable Care Act. This law was passed with great difficultly, and it is likely that repealing the law will mean that than the 50 million Americans for whom affordable health care was out of reach before—particularly individual health insurance, which most insurers refused to offer—will be back with us again to demand redress. Again, what does Trump care? He’s got his. Those bigoted whites who think it is only minorities who benefit from affordable health care are of course too muddle-brained with hate to realize that the law benefits everyone—unless, of course, they think that it shouldn’t, only “real” Americans like themselves.

Now, Trump did tell the Wall Street Journal that there were “some things” he liked about the ACA, and he might consider keeping certain provisions. But those provisions are hardly the most important. Yes, preventing insurers from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions is important, but that is totally useless unless there is insurance offered at all. Taking the guts out of the ACA—meaning the subsidies and the insurance markets—renders any such “compromise” moot. In fact, according to the paper, Trump “said one priority was moving ‘quickly’ on President Barack Obama’s signature health initiative, which Mr. Trump said has become so unworkable and expensive that ‘you can’t use it.’”

Again, the question is “According to who?” Why is it that people who are on the high-end of the income spectrum who are completely lacking in any capacity to understand the situation of the low-income believe they have any right to speak for them? Ask the people who for the first time in their lives have access to affordable care what they think, not the ignorant bigots who think of everything in racial “privilege” terms. The fact of the matter is that this country—the only one in the “civilized” world without universal health care—desperately needed some form of health care reform, and the fact that it isn’t as “good” as it could be is entirely the fault of Republicans and the “alt-right” who opposed any reform from the very beginning.  

This is what we got, and it is unlikely the opportunity will ever come to pass again. Americans should get their heads out of their fundaments about this; at worst, it should be demanded that Trump and the Republicans pass another law that essentially offers the same thing before they foolishly cancel the ACA. Democratic lawmakers put their careers on the line for you--and you are going to allow these Republican plantation masters to throw it all away? Before the ACA, health care costs were skyrocketing out-of-control, and only the truly “privileged” were availed to the alleged “best” health care in the world. Now is not the time to repeal and “replace” the ACA with nothing at all.

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