Monday, January 5, 2015

Race hate disguised as a quest for "vengeance"

I did not want to write any more “topical” posts here, but today I had a disturbing experience that needed to be exposed to the light of day. I had just completed my day of manual labor and was walking to a bus stop when I observed a middle-aged black male riding a bicycle on the sidewalk in the opposite direction, on his left side, forcing me to move to my left. I could see from his expression that he was in a belligerent mood, and had probably looking for a confrontation. I looked at him in a mildly irritated way, but said nothing. He looked at me with evil, but we passed each other with otherwise no expectation for further contact.

But I was wrong. Five minutes later he rode up behind me, and menacingly threatened to cause me physical harm if I “followed” him again. Being a logical person, I asked him what he was talking about. I hadn’t seen him before, and I certainly hadn’t been “following” him. But he persisted in his menacing threats, merely brushing aside my protests with more promises of physical harm. 

I tried to walk away, but he kept following me and making the same threats. Several times he stopped his bike and got off it and advanced toward me, apparently because my denials were irritating him. I simply walked faster, and apparently he didn’t want to leave his bike far behind, so after a few steps he walked back to it. Unfortunately for me, there was very little traffic in the vicinity at the time, so there were no witnesses present. 

Finally, I could not contain my outrage at this crazed behavior (maybe he was off his medication). I told him at various times along the several blocks he followed me that I was going to call the police, which didn’t appear to faze him—these thugs actually tell you they don’t care if they go to prison—and it was only when I asked him what his name was did he appear to be concerned about the course his behavior was taking. Of course he refused to do so, which prompted me to call him a coward. 

Naturally he didn’t take this appellation with √©lan; rather it aroused further aggression. I pointed out to him that bullies only threaten people (like me) who are smaller than they are, thus making them cowards. After one more pass making threats on my person, he finally backed off, riding away in the opposite direction. To be honest, he really didn’t “scare” me, but then again, it is not always wise to “talk” to bullies and thugs who just want to find an easy mark to take out their frustrations on the world.

While I was waiting at the bus stop, something suddenly occurred to me. Why had this person accuse me of doing something I had clearly not done? Why was he so intent on instigating an opportunity for him to strike me? It just didn’t make any sense. Or did it?

Consider: I obviously appeared to be “Hispanic” to him. Starting to get the “picture” now? George Zimmerman was Hispanic, and was vilified and dehumanized for an entire year by the media. His “victim,” Trayvon Martin, was portrayed as an “innocent child” who had been “followed” by Zimmerman.  Of course, the nature of the encounter was much more complicated than that, and I have gone into detail on that subject before.  The reality was that Martin was a few months shy of being an 18-year-old adult. He was a thief, a dope dealer and a “gangsta” wannabe. He was suspended from school three times, and the third time his mother actually kicked him out of her house. He was not charged with any crimes—despite the fact that the jewelry that was found him that led to one of his suspensions had been reported stolen from a residence in the neighborhood. But his divorced parents were “good” people, so school officials gave this “child” every break—to the point where he thought he could get away with anything. Martin clearly had no interest in education, and his “extracurricular” activities clearly marked him as someone who likely would find his “living” in the “informal” economy.

Perhaps we cannot know for certain what all happened on that fateful evening. But was certain was that many “transients” like Martin had showed up in the neighborhood, and some of them were involved in home invasions and robberies. That is the simple fact. Zimmerman was not the “self-appointed” sheriff in town, but had been asked to be so by a neighborhood committee, per the advice of the town police chief to tackle the rise in crime.

So what happened to me? Could it be that this black man thought of himself as “representative” of Martin, and myself a “stand-in” for Zimmerman? It’s the only “logical” explanation, and believe me, I have had many “illogical” encounters with blacks whose belligerence can only be explained by this search for scapegoats in the quest for “victimhood” without consideration or recognition of responsibility. After all, Michael Brown was nothing more than a physically intimidating thug, and there is no doubt that he could and did put the fright in people with his bullying nature when he wanted to. 

And the irony of the situation was that this man validated Zimmerman’s claim that he acted in self-defense, which was the only “logical” evaluation of the evidence in his trial. In my case, the only difference in this man’s warped quest for “vengeance” was that I don’t own a gun. 

And let’s not forget the evil on the part of the media and politicians that established this atmosphere of hate and irresponsibility. As I mentioned before, the gruesome 2006 murder of a Hispanic family in Indianapolis by a couple of black “gangstas” occurred during the height of the anti-immigrant hysteria, as did the murder of an immigrant in Shenandoah, PA—Luis Ramirez—by a couple of white high school “jocks” that an all-white jury acquitted, before Gov. Ed Rendell requested a federal civil rights investigation that found that, among other things, that the town police chief and two of his officers were guilty of conspiracy to abort justice. 

In a town rent with anti-Hispanic immigrant hate, just four years before, 18-year-old David Vega, arrested for a fight after a football game, supposedly committed suicide by hanging in his cell; however, an autopsy found head injuries, a gash on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder. It was likely that he was “strung up” after he had been beaten and killed at the hands of police.

The Southern Poverty Law Center noted at the time that

“Ramirez's death after the July 12, 2008, beating drew attention to what FBI statistics suggest was a nationwide surge of anti-Latino hate crime that began in the early 2000s. Five months later and 170 miles away, another gang of teenagers in Patchogue, N.Y., killed Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero as part of a ‘sport’ they called ‘beaner-hopping.’"

So blacks are hardly “alone” in being the victims of hate crimes—in fact, Hispanics are probably more so in this country, by both blacks and whites. To me, that black man was guilty of hate, and if he had actually done something, it would have been a hate crime. But naturally it wouldn’t be viewed as such by a hypocritical media that feeds the hate. It—and black activists—prefer to use the term “ethnicity” if they give credence to it all. More likely, they think that Hispanics have “what’s coming to them” for “invading” the country.

Life is not easy living between the Nazis on one side, and the "gangstas" on the other side.

While the media continues to "scrupulously" avoid talking about the belligerent mentality and past criminal history of recent "victims" of police shootings so as not to be accused of racism, Zimmerman continues to be a moving target for self-righteous media and those seeking "retribution," hoping to "justify" their total lack of objectivity and credibility. Three years after the incident and two years after the trial, CNN continues to sink into the sewers, reporting that Zimmerman was recently detained for allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend; no mention of what she threw at him. These charges were dropped for lack of evidence.