Monday, November 14, 2016

Even just one neo-Nazi who thinks that Bannon is their "man" in the White House should disqualify him

We have now learned that Donald Trump made mock of his election night promise to work for “all” Americans—apparently meaning only those who share the same pallid “hue” of the “founders”—by sneakily appointing Breitbart’s chief bigot, Stephen Bannon, as his principle “counselor.” Bannon calls himself “alt-right,” which is just another way of saying extreme racist white. This is not hyperbole; Bannon championed ultra-paranoid anti-immigrant bating, with the focus, of course, only on those from south of the border, not the “border” of the Pacific or Canadian coasts where illegal immigration is coming in at a two to three times faster  rate. Bannon also equates being non-white with crime and terrorism,  an ugly sentiment in light of the fact that Bannon enjoined South Carolina to “hoist the Confederate flag with pride” only weeks after a white terrorist massacred nine blacks at a church gathering, and before an all-white Oregon jury’s acquittal of anti-government white terrorists masquerading as “constitutionalists.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the “Alternative-Right” ideology that Bannon champions “is a set of far-right ideologies, groups and individuals whose core belief is that ‘white identity’ is under attack by multicultural forces using ‘political correctness’ and ‘social justice’ to undermine white people and ‘their’ civilization. Characterized by heavy use of social media and online memes, Alt-Righters eschew ‘establishment’ conservatism, skew young, and embrace white ethno-nationalism as a fundamental value.” It is not difficult to see how someone like Bannon could be attracted to the rhetoric of Trump, and seize the opportunity to ingratiate himself in the quest for ultimate power in shaping what he sees as the country’s “white destiny.”

Trump, after a year of feeding on the paranoia of racists and xenophobes, told us just this past Wednesday morning that he “really” does want to represent “all” Americans, regardless of race, color, gender, creed and whatever. But his appointment of Bannon as his horse-whisperer reveals that Trump feels more “loyalty” to such filthy scoundrels (and Bannon certainly bears the striking resemblance of one) than he does to the people of this country. 

Anyways, I decided to visit the Breitbart website where Bannon held court in recent times. Here are some of the “stories” that appeared in today’s “edition”:

"Mexican Cartel Leaders Plan New Routes into USA"

"Gender-Equality Snow Plowing Plunges Stockholm into Chaos"

"UnAmerican: Comedy Central's Noah Slams Voters' 'Whiteness,' 'Misogyny'"

"Gun-Contolled Chicago Approaches 4,000 Shooting Victims for 2016"

"Iranian Ayatollah To Trump: We Will 'Resist Until Our Last Breath'"

That latter is interesting because one element of Trump’s “foreign policy” theories is that Iran is not a “threat” to the U.S., and is Israel’s “problem.” However, I did find the Stockholm story amusing; Swedish feminists claimed that it was "sexist" to plow snow off city streets first before sidewalks, leading to an ordinance for "feminist plowing." The ordinance has now been rescinded, after the failure to insure plowed streets became a problem for "everyone," not just men. 

There was one story that caught my attention that I decided I could keep my lunch down reading was something by David Horowitz, who way back when was a consumer protection advocate; now he is just another far-right nutjob. He starts out by saying that “The losers of the left have worked themselves into such a bizarre hysteria over the fact that they lost the White House that they have lost all connection to reality and are now hyping their most ludicrously paranoid fantasies”—odd given the sewers that Breitbart gathers its “news” stories from—and goes on to say that if Obama and Clinton had their way, the Jews in Israel would all be “exterminated.” Horowitz defended Bannon by claiming he didn’t say the anti-Semitic statements others heard him say, and doesn’t mention the fact that neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, who runs what he claims is the most visited “alt-right” website, said that Bannon is “our man in the White House.”

Horowitz also claimed that Bannon is a “good man,” and “In his new position as Chief Strategist in the Trump White House, Bannon is the strongest assurance that people who love this country can have in America’s future, the strongest assurance that America is in the hands of people who will give this country a chance to restore itself and defend itself against its enemies at home and abroad.” There was a comments section attached to this story, and after reading some of them, I decided to add something against the grain:

What does "people who love this country" mean for the extreme right? Accepting white supremacy as the status quo? Bannon was really not a good choice for Trump, and it is now clear that he has no principles of his own, just some guy with a few opinions. Crybabies? That has been the "alt-white" crowd since the 1950s. I don't see anything changing for the better in this country for most people, with the only "change" being the fulfillment of racist fantasies.

Here is a small sampling of the “replies” I received:

Blah, blah, cry, cry. Got your safety pin? Good. Blocked.

WINNING ! ! ! it's AWESOME ! ! ! No more RACISM from that moslem who will be VACATING the White House ! ! !

I deigned to reply to that one, expressing my ignorance as to what a “moslem” was, and pointing out that it was bigoted people like him (or her) who made “race” an issue, not Obama. Some guy styled “Hannibal” contributed the following:

Another gibberish mambadung-manbadunga talk from a troll PAID by Soros / David Brock / moveOnDotorg.

Go stab yourself in the face, moron!

Only a trolling fool like you sees "rationality' in your idiotic gibberish. What a jerk!

After adding a comment on the level of intellectual acumen being demonstrated:

Your idiotic copy-pasted “Correct the Record” talking point above tells everyone "the best" that YOU and your fellow trolls can, you trolling, mindless jihadi baboon!

These replies “inexplicably” stopped after I informed these people that I was going to post their comments on my own blog site. 

So there you have it. It is Trump’s words before Wednesday that are guiding his actions today. And it is these hardcore bigots who he really represents. It is still in Trump’s court to disprove that he does.

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