Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New York primary vote only proves that New Yorkers have "stars" in their eyes

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won “big” in the New York primary on Tuesday. But while Trump won “big” in virtually every county, Clinton’s margins occurred almost exclusively in the southeast urban areas, where apparently there is great love for Clinton’s secret Wall Street conniving against the American people—and of course being a “rock star,” the superficial is more important than the substantive. 

The result obviously says more about New York voters than it does about Bernie Sanders and his progressive agenda; in a state that gleefully ousted a Democratic governor and Congressman over sexual “improprieties,” a female presidential candidate with a serial molester for a husband and herself with a record of corruption ten miles long is merely a vaguely annoying train whose beginning and end cannot be seen. In a city that believes that it is on top of the social and cultural zeitgeist, New York City merely proved that its eyes are blinded by the glare of Clinton’s media “stardom.” And perhaps it is “enchanted” by Clinton’s insolence, which New Yorkers are infamous for. They don’t even care that her unprincipled behavior drove a “close friend” to suicide (if it was that) in 1993. Maybe they find those kind of things “exciting” in a candidate.

Fortunately for Sanders, he still picked-up a sizable number of primary delegates, so it wasn’t the complete disaster for America (yet) than it was on the Republican side, where it appears Trump will win all of New York’s delegates. You would think that New York voters are more aware of Trump’s shortcomings, but maybe in fact they embody them.

Meanwhile…legislative district “caucuses” held this past Sunday meant to determine how the majority of the last month’s Washington state primary delegates would be divvied-up were described as “madhouses” in most locations. So Bernie Sanders won 73 percent of the vote the first time? Are you kidding? With the Democratic leadership trying to jam Clinton down unwilling throats, when many voters find her so distasteful that they immediately regurgitate, it was clearly hoping to stuff the proceedings with crazed Clinton fanatics hoping to intimidate Sanders’ delegates into switching their support. In fact many Sanders supporters refused to leave the chaotic proceedings until they were sure that typical underhanded Hillaryphile efforts to manufacture an alternate reality did not happen. Self-serving duplicity has always been a Clinton trademark, and as New York proved, many people find this a “charming” trait.

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