Friday, April 1, 2016

Clinton supporters "shaming" a failing strategy due their own candidate's massive failings

Hillary Clinton has the gall to condemn to Bernie Sanders for not taking the low road and addressing Trump’s dumb comments about abortion, preferring to talk about the real issues for real people. Sanders’ stand on abortion is no different than most Americans, but “talking” about a dead issue or not of course plays into Clinton’s filthy hands—on one hand once more an opportunity to inject gender politics into the campaign, and on the other hand hoping to avoid discussing her borrowing of Barack Obama’s “policies” as her own “platform,” since she hasn’t produced anything vaguely resembling one that goes beyond her scripted campaign soundbites; even her “incremental” plans to improve the Affordable Care Act are either so vague as to be invisible, or the few details that have any substance are directly stolen from Sanders.

As for the abortion rights “challenge,” consider this: While the far right of the U.S. Supreme Court continues to erode minority equal opportunity (with the help of white females like Abigail Fisher), it has done nothing to threaten abortion rights. NOTHING. Why should we expect that to change, ever? It is yet another one of those “feeling good about feeling bad” issues for gender fanatics, who feel positively empty without damning everyone to hell for reasons of their own imagination.

Yet the blind fanaticism of the Clinton Mafia continues. I have to admit that I have no idea who Debra Messing or Kathy Najimy are. I had to look up Messy on her Wikipedia page, discovering that she was an actress, appearing in a network sitcom called Will & Grace which I have never seen a single episode despite the fact it ran for almost a decade, and a list of movies I never heard of or seen. Of Najimy, she appears to be gender-obsessed, who I would of course dismiss out of hand as irrelevant to the point of the conversation. I do, however, know who Susan Sarandon is, from the time of her first significant film role in Joe, staring Peter Boyle as a blue-collar bigot looking for a “good time” killing hippies and “freaks.” Sarandon has long been as liberal activist, which Messing and Najimy are not; they are just intolerant bigots who blindly supports this career law breaker. They deserve only our dismay at their incredible level of naïveté concerning the “entitled one.” 

Sarandon, who had the “audacity” to proclaim that she would not vote for Clinton if she was nominated, has continued to raise the ire of Clinton fanatics, but she should hold firm on her principles. You have Clinton supporting tweeters trying to “shame” her from a purely gender and sexual-orientation perspective; what does that have to do with Clinton’s total lack of ethics and moral principles? Beyond taking advantage of the self-serving narrow-mindedness of those constituencies, the megalomaniacal Clinton doesn’t care a hoot about them. So not voting for Clinton is not “insane”; being forced to abandon ethical and moral principles to vote for someone who has none is. 

Something tells me that Trump will ultimately not become the Republican nominee this summer, but Ted Cruz. But if somehow Trump is nominated, and is opposed by Clinton, then the American people should express their dissatisfaction with the “process” being controlled on one hand by trailer trash bigots, and on the other hand by a party and media machine that has done everything in its power to distort reality—and that reality is that nearly two-thirds of voters have an “unfavorable” view of Clinton, and a Wall Street Journal poll reveals that 33 percent of Sanders supporters have indicated that they will not vote for Clinton in November. The fact that Sanders has gone from a “joke” to winning half the primaries testifies to fact that of how much the Janus-faced hypocrite Clinton is detested by many in the progressive ranks, and by a large majority of the rest of the country. “Fighting For Us” my fundament; she is “fighting” for herself, and herself alone as she has always done throughout her career of greed for money and power at any and all means.

We can simply stay away from the polls in droves, come what may. I mean, in truth what would be the difference between Trump and Clinton? “Traditional” Republicans will work with neither, for separate reasons. For voters like me, the disgust I feel for both candidates and their supporters cannot pass without some price to be paid by the participants in this disgrace of an election.

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