Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sanders supporters should only be “depressed” after “super” Tuesday results if they allow themselves be.

“Democrats turn to Hillary Clinton after flirting with Bernie Sanders” declares the New York Times, based mainly on the comments by Virginia Democrats, the type of right-of-center voters who would rather take the plunge into the murky, rancid pool of the Clintons rather than the clear blue one of Sanders.  In my opinion, voters too craven to follow what they know is right and instead go with “practicality” are just as hypocritical and deceitful as Hillary Clinton is.

The media, of course, is utterly complicit in the propaganda machine that aims to convince Sanders supporters, or those on the fence, that a Sanders presidency is a pipe dream. The media is so desperate that “history” be made and a female be president—even one who is as unqualified as Clinton in every way imaginable—that the true meaning of Super Tuesday was completely distorted. 

In reality, it should have come as no surprise that Clinton won “big” in Deep South states where the large majority of Democratic voters are black, and most of the rest conservative whites. The Democrats have no chance in hell in winning in these states in November, and merely stating Clinton’s minority support in these states is utterly meaningless save for one unjust fact: Coming so early in the primary season, they heavily skew toward the preference of conservative Democrats and black voters (those in states where they have little power either state-wise or nationally, and thus feel drawn to the most patronizing rhetoric by the Great White Mother), against a preference for the candidate that most true ideological progressives in "blue" states would support. 

Thus what Clinton’s media supporters are trying to conceal from Super Tuesday’s results is the disproportionate—and false—effect it has on what should be the true takeaway from the voting: Sanders won or nearly won in states that Democrats normally do win in November. Sanders won by unexpectedly large margins in Minnesota and Colorado, and probably surprised many by winning Oklahoma. Despite what the media claims, Sanders was the real winner on the Democratic side. There is thus still time to make inroads in reliably blue states--before the country realizes what a mistake supporting Hillary is once right-wing PACs start rolling out ads on the Clintons' history of corruption, perjury and scandal which everyone seems to have forgotten. 

But it is going to take some courage on the part of true Democrats who actually believe in the ideals they claim to possess, rather than make “history” by supporting a candidate who has no principles save her own proven megalomania.  They must have the courage and rectitude  to say to themselves, screw the Clinton media-machine, it is our decision to make. We are answerable to our own conscious, not to that of the other side and its lack of conscious.

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