Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sanders stuns media "experts" by winning Michigan; now the real race begins

According to the website FiveThirtyEight, which purports to be the “expert” on predicting elections, there was a 99 percent chance that Hillary Clinton would win the Michigan primary. A poll taken by an “independent” observer, Monmouth University, claimed on Monday that Clinton had a 55-42 lead over Bernie Sanders. Michigan State University subsequently put out a poll that suggested a much tighter race by five percentage points, but Clinton supporters like Susan J. Demas, who edits and publishes something called Inside Michigan Politics, poo-pooed it, calling it “unreliable” and using “flawed methodology.” “Clinton will win,” she said. 

I’ve said time and time again that the pro-Clinton media is out-of-touch with reality. It underestimates the antipathy many Democratic voters have for Clinton, instead are blinded by the all-consuming “power” of the Clintons, literally mesmerized by them. It underestimates that real desire of many Democrats to have an alternative to a candidate with such a history of unethical behavior; like Barack Obama, Sanders doesn’t have a fraction of the “baggage” Clinton has. Obama inspired “hope,” Sanders inspires “real change,” and Clinton merely inspires her egotistical self. 

Sanders “shocked” the world by overcoming the widest deficit in primary history, with other polls suggesting a 21-point Clinton victory, to win Michigan. Even in Wayne County where Detroit is located, Sanders held steady all night at 40 percent of vote. His larger than expected vote tally among blacks suggest that outside the South some black voters are more receptive to his message. 

The Deep South states that provided Clinton with her early lead in primary delegates have had their say, and a disproportionate one at that, since those states likely will remain Republican strongholds in November. Now it is for the real race to begin, and it has begun with this victory in Michigan. Sanders doesn’t have to win 3/5 of the remaining primary delegates as the media keeps telling us, which is “impossible” to overcome. What Sanders needs to do is win a majority of the primary delegates, and then his supporters must put pressure on super delegates who are trying to defraud voters of their right to select the candidate of their choice.

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