Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trump may "disavow" hate group support, but they know a kindred spirit when they hear one

Today there were three retirement-age white people, two males and a female, whose external appearance suggested that they were from the “patrician” upper-strata of society, out for a bicycle ride. They had just turned off a side street onto the Interurban Trail in Kent, Washington, a “city” where the powers-that-be tend to be politically “red.” Just how “red” was soon to be discovered. About one hundred yards in front of them was walking a short man who apparently appeared to them to be a “Mexican.” Suddenly the “red flags” went up. They stopped in confusion, momentarily uncertain if they should proceed. 

While one of them stayed behind, the other two continued on past the “Mexican.” One of them then turned around and rode back to where the other had stayed behind; the third member of the riding party lingered a few minutes behind the “Mexican” before riding back to rejoin the other two, and then all three turned back to the side street they had emerged from. The “Mexican” continued walking on the trail past the side street; not very long afterwards, the three bicycle riders re-emerged from the side-street, and continued up the trail in the opposite direction, as they had intended to do before the “red flag” went up in their stereotyping minds.

It is obvious that what had just transpired was the effect that racism, stereotyping and paranoia have on the minds of certain people. Their first thought was that the car they apparently left parked somewhere on the side street might be stolen by this “Mexican,” since in their minds crime and “Mexicans” have the same meaning; so they had to first check to make certain that their car was still “secure,” and then insure that the “Mexican” was a “safe” distance away, thus assuaging their paranoia. I doubt they would have been so obvious in their racially-inspired behavior if it was a black person walking down the trail; it is much more “acceptable” to apply negative traits and have them believed when it comes to Hispanics then it is to blacks in this society. Now, some people might cry foul, applying Dinesh D’Souza’s concept of “rational discrimination”—one that provides an excuse for racism; but there is a fine line between racism and actions based on race, and too easily crossed.

These are the kind of people that Donald Trump has allowed to express their inner blackness without any self-consciousness. He shouts hate to the heavens and there is no price to be paid for it, so he shouts it even louder and people who hate are in ecstasy over their new-found freedom to hate. I recently worked a temp job at a white “mom-and-pop” business of which I was the only “temp” worker was not on the prison work release program. Both of the proprietors were Trump enthusiasts; however, when “mom” started talking effusively about Trump, and it became clear that the underlying theme was race and “ethnicity,” I told her what I thought about Trump and his ability to bring out the worst traits in his supporters, and she became less enthusiastic about letting her thoughts be known. Needless to say, it was my decided opinion that they viewed whites with criminal records and long prison sentences more “trustworthy” than an “ethnic” person with no criminal record—and their pay was cheaper too, of course.

That is one price that Trump has not had to pay. Blacks are either beat-up or escorted out of his campaign rallies, “illegal” immigrants—or rather, anyone “mistaken” for one—is beat-up in his name, and no one is disturbed for more than a few moments. Do his supporters really believe that “all” “Mexican” males are “rapists” and/or drug dealers/murderers/thieves? They might say they don’t believe that they “all” are, but it is “true” in the “generality.” That is like saying most white people are vicious Nazis who secretly yearn for the extermination of all minorities, so that they can have the country all to themselves again. 

Don’t “laugh” about the absurdity of it; early adherents of Darwin predicted that the eventual “extinction” of nonwhites was an “inevitable” byproduct of white supremacy. Today, white supremacists and neo-Nazis in this country yearn for complete segregation of the races, in the belief that blacks and Hispanics will eventually kill each other off in their cut-off from “civil” society urban zones. 

Meanwhile, these same white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups are openly pledging their support for  Trump because of his racist rhetoric. When former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke endorsed him, Trump wasn’t immediately disturbed by this revelation; he probably didn’t even know who Duke was. Trump has since stated he “disavows” KKK support, but those are just words with no meaning. Sure he will “disavow” them, but who doesn’t? It is all part of the game. Hate groups know one of their own when they hear him, and he won’t stop them from voting for him.

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