Sunday, February 28, 2016

Want another "Tricky Dick" in the White House? Then Hillary Clinton is your "man"

I have to admit that while the margin of victory in Hillary Clinton’s win in the South Carolina primary was wider than I expected, that merely points to a few unfortunate facts. I saw one poll taken before the primary that showed the shocking level of unawareness of black voters in the state in regard to the relative ideological standing of Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Eighty percent of black voters considered Clinton “liberal,” when in fact she is a product of the DNC’s “moderate” political wing, as proved by Bill Clinton’s “reforms” during his presidency that had adverse effects on minorities, and both his and Hillary’s rhetoric appealing to the bigotry of white voters in the 2008 primary season; note that one of Hillary’s “selling points” is her alleged “ability” to work with Republicans (such as in 1993?), and we saw how that worked out for minorities when Bill “worked” with Republicans.

On the other hand, less than half of black voters thought that Sanders was left of center, and a quarter actually thought he was “conservative”—an “obvious” conclusion since he is just an “old white male.” It is amazing how so many black voters seem to be confused about the relative merits of Clinton and Sanders, and the media’s attempt to marginalize Sanders has been successful among them. While white progressives have made great strides in overcoming media efforts to make Sanders a “mystery,” most black voters apparently have made no such effort; even the fact that while Sanders was being arrested in 1963 for demonstrating against discriminatory housing in South Chicago while Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl” hardly makes an impression.

Another uncomfortable fact that should be pointed out is that South Carolina is the reddest of states, and no Democrat has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the state in November. But the "silver-lining" is that it means there is still a little time left to get the truth across, and that starts with asking this question: Who is the most ethically unqualified person seeking the presidency? It’s not Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, but Hillary Clinton. 

While Republicans keep beating each other on their ethics, or lack thereof, there is curiously little discussion in the media of the most unethical candidate running in the primaries: Hillary Clinton. The media—consumed with the idea of a female president no matter what—consistently accuses Sanders of “sexism” the few times he has attempted to address even in the subtlest terms her absolute dearth of moral or ethical authenticity.  The reality is that she must be stopped now, because it will be too late to switch horses by November, by which time there can be little doubt that the right-wing PACS and their “hit” commercials will have no queasiness in exposing the real Hillary, a person whose absolute contempt for voters and the “little people” in general is something that keener observers than those who inhabit the media have long known.

The various scandals of the Clintons have shown the pair to be serial perjurers, although some claim that Bill “learned” it—perhaps from Hillary who is a natural born one; in other words, a pathological liar. You need “proof” of Hillary’s lack of qualification for the highest office in the land, beyond the fact she has no positive accomplishments on her cover sheet, save those that have to do with the mere fact of gender? Here is a list of her true accomplishments:

Whitewater: The ever avaricious Clintons got together with Jim and Susan McDougal to take out a loan to buy property adjacent to the White River in Arkansas, with the intention of making a quick buck by selling the property later at an expected large profit from dumb Yankees looking for summer homes. The “dumb” Yankees proved not so cooperative when high interest rates persuaded them to keep their money in their own pockets instead of the Clintons.  Jim McDougal then set his sights on banking, establishing the Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, from which he illegally “loaned” himself $1.75 million for another real estate scheme called Castle Grand; it also seems that money was questionably used from the bank to cover the Clintons’ losses in the Whitewater scheme, apparently in exchange for other “mysterious” considerations. 

Apparently because she needed clients, Hillary became principle legal “adviser” for the Castle Grand operation. This arrangement soon came under federal investigation, and the venture turned into another bust, with Madison Guaranty going under—but not before the Rose law firm had made an “undisclosed” amount of money from legal fees. Although the Clintons and McDougals were “equal” partners in these ventures, the Clintons were not impacted as hard financially, and it was suspected that Gov. Clinton used his position to make his and Hillary’s contribution “equal” in value; it is not known exactly what this “contribution” was, because no one ever talked. 

As far as Hillary’s involvement in this byzantine affair in which 15 people were eventually convicted for various crimes, it seems that it is still not known precisely what “services” she was paid for in all of this, but according to a New York Times story in 1996, “an examination of Hillary Clinton's public statements suggests someone less passive in her behavior, less consistent in her answers, and less committed to full disclosure than the figure in her own self-portrait” as a mere “bystander” and “victim” in the scandal.

Cattle Futures "lottery": Ever heard of anyone winning a 100-to-1 wager lately? That is the miracle Hillary Clinton somehow managed to perform with a $1,000 investment in cattle futures in October, 1978. By January, 1979, she was already $26,000 ahead, and despite supposedly being behind at certain times, she claims to have finished ahead by $100,000 by the time she got out at the end of 1979. Those with experience in such trading called Clinton’s explanations of how she accomplished this “highly implausible” and a 1-in-31 trillion shot to be duplicated. It is generally believed that insider trading or other illegal shenanigans were used by her enablers to “maximize” her profits. Others, however, claim that it was more likely a laundered “bribe.”

Travelgate: Today the firing of supposedly non-partisan White House travel office employees to be replaced by Clinton cronies seems innocuous, but again Hillary Clinton is a prominent figure. It seems that she was involved personally in the firings, and was found to have perjured herself in statements to investigators about her involvement. New York Times columnist William Safire referred to her as a “congenial liar,” and as is the Whitewater scandal, others ended-up paying the price—including Vince Foster, who was pressured by Hillary to do the firings.

Vince Foster Affair: Foster was found dead in a park outside of Washington, DC. Several investigations concluded that he had committed suicide by gunshot. Foster had apparently become depressed as a general counsel for the Clinton White House; among other things, he had become the dart board in the media for the travel office firings, even though he was acting on the desires of his alleged lover, Hillary Clinton, a woman who felt comfortable only in the presence of sycophants and fanatical disciples. Foster had a highly successful career at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock where he worked with Hillary, and was extremely reluctant to join the Clinton White House; one suspects that the Clintons’ were desperate to bring him with them to keep an eye on him. In fact, Foster’s increasing depression was a worry to them in more ways than one; immediately after his death, his office was ransacked to uncover any “incriminating” information he might have kept.

Monica Lewinsky: A lot of people then and now have a low opinion of Linda Tripp, who “outed” Bill Clinton’s Oral Office affair with Lewinsky. But one shouldn’t discount her so readily, since she worked for years in an office next to Hillary’s in the White House—meaning she had a “ringside” seat to what was going on there. In a 2015 story in the UK’s Daily Mail she admitted to be flabbergasted that this born liar and deceiver could possibly be in a position to snake her way into the presidency. While Lewinsky and Bill Clinton’s impeachment was front-and-center, it was really about Hillary:

But according to the woman who outed Monica Lewinsky as the president's mistress, the real story was never about Monica. It was about 'subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice… a true abuse of power.' And it was about Hillary. Because, according to Linda Tripp, it was Hillary who manipulated and stage managed the story, converting herself from a lackluster First Lady with unimpressive approval ratings to admirable First Victim - the blindsided wife standing by her man. She made him forgivable. She 'orchestrated the cover up' and she made damn sure that she moved on. Nothing, and no-one, was going to stand in her way.

Tripp claims that Hillary was the “key player” in a host of scandals in the Clinton administration, the “true ruler” of the White House, and this included  “blatant lies to the American people,” being “utterly ruthless” in her pursuit of power. Tripp claims that “I think the most compelling thing about Hillary is that she will stop at nothing to achieve her end and that she views the public as plebeians easily seduced into believing her point of view.” Nothing, not a Gennifer Flowers, not a Paula Jones, not even a Monica Lewinsky was going to stand in the way of “Eight years for Bill. Eight years for Hill…So this is a runaway train. Nobody is going to stop it.”

Tripp claims to have come forward back then not merely because of the Lewinsky scandal, but because of the accumulation of many years of corruption within the Clinton administration, for which she gives Hillary a prominent role. The Clintons’ were able to get away with it because “Bill Clinton is a gifted politician and he was able to charm and seduce the country. The Clintons presented a disingenuous front.”

According to Tripp, “I believe for all his faults as a flawed man, Bill Clinton is not as unscrupulous as his wife. He is complicit but he is not as deceitful as Hillary Clinton is. Don't get me wrong, they are both missing the integrity chip but while she is inherently dishonorable, his seems to be learned behavior.” Even worse, “Hillary Clinton ruled the White House even as early as 1993 and every scandal that originated in the Clinton administration was the brainchild of Hillary. When I think of Hillary Clinton I think of a lingering taint of scandal and wrongdoing and, in my opinion, possible criminal activity.” All in the pursuit of the one thing the Clintons’ share in common above all else: naked power.

Far from being your typical “First Lady,” Hillary was involved one way or another in a host of other “small potatoes” scandals, like Chinagate, Filegate (in which she called her illegal access to and use of FBI files a “completely honest bureaucratic snafu”) and Lootergate, in which Hillary decided to keep some items as “souvenirs” that were the property of the White House. 

Hillary's contempt for everything outside feeding her own megalomania continues. It is clear that she has been deceiving about her involvement in the Benghazi affair, and there can be no doubt that the email scandal is related to it somehow. Tripp also has an opinion about the email scandal, which shouldn’t be discounted since many of us share that opinion:

The scandals simply continue. She covers them up and moves on. People should be aware that she is probably the first cabinet secretary in the history of our country who has operated with their own private server, for a reason. Every lowly government employee understands that electronic communication on government-operated computers belongs to the United States. Hillary knows this and it's why she chose to break the rules. Because every document written on a government device is a record and it is retrievable forever more. Hillary's voluminous documents are not retrievable. She is answerable to no-one. She was clearly not answerable to the president for whom she worked and more importantly by actions she took she was not answerable to the American public. She hands over what she chooses, deletes the rest and wipes the server clean. That is Hillary Clinton in a nutshell.

This is the person the media is working so hard to shoehorn into the White House? No former occupant of the position even comes close to the level of absolute indifference to ethics and lawful behavior than Hillary Clinton. Not even Richard Nixon, who unlike Hillary was not necessarily the instigator and active participant of illegal actions, but looked the other way when illegal activities were occurring in his “name,” and acquiesced to efforts to conceal them by his underlings (to be honest, that also describes Ronald Reagan, but his mind was going by then). 

Those famous 18-minutes erased from a Nixon office tape is absolutely small fry compared to the astonishing audacity of Clinton taking it upon herself to delete 30,000 supposedly “personal” emails from her personal server in her personal residence amongst classified and top secret information—which she illegally kept since she left her post as Secretary of State. Just how “personal” were those emails, and why was that server not confiscated by federal authorities immediately when it became known  of its existence? Were they not supposed to be a matter of public record? And what was Clinton planning to do with all that information? Use them in her bag of “dirty tricks,” much like the Nixon administration?

The bottom line is that the criminally unethical Hillary Clinton must be prevented from achieving the White House, preferably by Bernie Sanders. But it seems that too many people have deliberately allowed themselves to duped and blinded by her and her media fanatics.

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