Friday, October 28, 2016

No, we want the “complete facts” from YOU, Clinton

The American people should just stand up and say “Enough is enough. We are tired of Hillary Clinton’s lies piled on more and more lies. Screw the hyper-partisan Clinton News Network and its ‘opinion’ that the FBI director should ‘resign’ because he wants to reopen the email probe. We want the truth now. We know you and your associates lied or took the Fifth to protect you from your crimes, and have been doing so since at least 1979 beginning with ‘Cattlegate.’ It is time for you to stop playing the ‘victim,’ because the real victim is the American voter, who is being made to feel forced to ‘choose’ your criminality over Trump’s boorishness.”

So it is that the FBI is re-starting its investigation of Clinton’s email business after it was discovered that potentially classified information was kept on close Clinton aid Huma Abedin’s personal computer. This was discovered in the course of examining the contents of the computer during the investigation of disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, who is the currently estranged husband of Abedin. One wonders just how many computers of Clinton aids out there hold classified information, which is a criminal offense. Feeling “blindsided” by this new investigation, Clinton can only demand “answers” from the FBI. No, what we need to know will only come when you and your aids are forced to testify under oath, with the penalty from wanton perjury a cold cot in a prison cell. 

Meanwhile, the Clinton News Network—unabashedly using the gender card to bash Trump and promote Clinton—is equally “outraged” by this development, coming on the heels of all those WikiLeaks that have revealed Clinton to be utterly without principle. That so-called “objective” news outlet has expended every last gram of its “credibility” in promoting Clinton from the very beginning, when a far, far more principled alternative in the form of Bernie Sanders was there for the taking. Now, instead of being “objective,” it chooses to attack the bearer of more bad news about its chosen favorite—and all because, as a female, she is supposedly “untouchable.”

But let’s be frank. Is anybody going to take the time to read about this in Saturday’s paper? Probably not. The news media in general (outside of Fox News) has purposely ignored Clinton’s career of crime and non-stop lying, so why would this new investigation “hurt” her? Again, it is up to the voters to take a step back and think about the potentiality of giving a person like this all the power of the presidency of this country.

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