Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Hacked" fundraiser audio merely tells us what we should already have known about Clinton's "principles"

I suspect that you didn’t hear about the “hacked” audio from one of Hillary Clinton’s super-secret campaign fundraisers with corporate big wheels and hotshots on the Clinton News Network, but there are enough people out there who do care enough about exposing this fraud that the truth about Clinton’s double-dealing in private with eventual come out, if not win out. The media is all over Donald Trump’s tax returns, but what he did was technically legal, so it is not the issue the pro-Clinton media is making it out to be. Trump is a businessman, not paid corporate stooges like the Clintons.

Look, I don’t like Trump and his cadre of Nazi-freak supporters, whether they admit to it or not to gullible reporters.  Having “friends” like David Duke amounts to the same thing as having an enemy. Sure, Trump will accept any vote from a paying customer; he doesn’t ask any “questions” he doesn’t want to know the answers to. I’m not particularly concerned about a Trump election, because he has such low standing in the Republican establishment that there is very little chance that his worst impulses will see the light of day, and I suspect that in the end he is so unprincipled that he will attempt to court Democrats to justify his election.

But Clinton is another matter. If there was any doubt left that she is corrupt morally and ethically, that should no longer be valid following her recorded comments last February at a fundraiser in Virginia. At the time, the Democratic primary was no longer looking like a downhill slide for Clinton, with Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign just starting to pick-up steam despite efforts by the media and the Democratic establishment to stop him.  Clinton disparaged the ideas of “free college, free healthcare, that what we’ve done hasn’t gone far enough…whatever that means, and half the people don’t know what that means…I am occupying center-left to center-right…I don’t want to overpromise. I don’t want to tell people things we cannot do.”

First off, Clinton is admitting that she doesn’t have any ideas except just getting herself elected to satisfy her own ego. At least Barack Obama had a “big” idea—healthcare reform—and he accomplished that with no help from Clinton, who as we may recall failed miserably in her effort back in 1993 when she was “co-president.” Secondly, she disparages anyone who actually wishes for something better for this country as mentally-challenged. As I stated before, you can’t accomplish anything important unless you think “big” to start out, and that was what Sanders was doing. He wasn’t foolish enough to believe that he could get anything “free” from Congress regardless of what party was in control, but you can’t get anything when you don’t have any ideas, which Clinton tells us quite candidly where she is at. And frankly, she hasn’t told us anything about what exactly she is going to do if elected, other than establish a social and political “atmosphere” that suits particularly interest groups.

And thirdly, she disparages idealistic voters who want something better than the status quo. She goes on to treat young supporters of Sanders who feel that a “political revolution” is “pretty appealing” as naïve children. She appreciates their “idealism,” or so she claims, but then goes on blurt out this little piece of “wisdom”:

“We want them to set big goals. But to take what we can achieve now and try to present them as bigger goals.”

Clinton has been pulling the wool over people’s eyes for decades now, so why should we be surprised now to learn that she wants to fool people into believing that electing her president has any meaning whatever, other than “history” and satisfying her own megalomania? Clinton hasn’t presented us with anything other than a mindset, that anyone is a better alternative than Trump, and she just happens to be that “alternative,” for worse, or worse. Yet here she is openly suggesting a great con-job on the American people, especially younger voters who want something better than what self-serving egomaniacal politicians like Clinton “promise” to offer them. She even has the audacity All Clinton offers is that simply by electing her is a “big” enough goal (for her), but young people with college degrees working as coffee shop baristas have to set much smaller goals, because, after all, Clinton has told them that she can’t promise them anything.

Whatever modest goals young people can achieve, they have to be conned into believing that these are a major step on the ladder, because they are not going to get any help from Hillary. She’s already got hers. No living wages, no universal healthcare, no affordable higher education, not even a job; these are not goals worth pursuing, according to Clinton. People must be presented with “achievable” goals that are  inflated by bombastic rhetoric, and utterly meaningless in improving the daily lives of most of us.

Well, she hasn’t got “hers” yet. It is still up to the voters to pick their poison. What they should know is that not electing Clinton will not be the end of the world as we know it. In fact, it will likely remain the same as if has been since as long as you and I have been on this Earth.

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