Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Latest WikiLeaks show opportunistic Clinton scrambling to find the "right" message

Perhaps the word “damaging” is not the right word to describe the latest WikiLeaks release of Clinton camp emails, the first batch being the DNC’s craven efforts to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign, the second providing evidence of Hillary Clinton’s double-dealing with the American people behind closed doors, especially in regard to promises to big business, and now Clinton’s forever shifting campaign strategies. The Clinton News Network doesn’t think any of this is a “story,” so why should you? 

Well, it should be a story, because this all provides yet more evidence (except to the purposefully blind, deaf and dumb) that Clinton is about one thing and one thing only: servicing her megalomania and getting elected. Again, we find that Clinton was careful to conceal involving herself directly in any questionable dealings, working through her underlings and stooges, and yet we are to believe that they were not taking dictation directly from her. One is reminded of Adolf Hitler, who was a lazy administrator, but “governed” Germany through vague directives that his underlings fought with other to carry out in a way that was pleasing to him. There was very little in the way of damning documents (even in regard to the “Final Solution”) with Hitler’s signature, but everyone knew nothing happened without at least his tacit approval. If not, there was a price to pay. Today’s version goes something like this: Be the faithful stooge who carries out the wishes of Hillary, but don’t expect help from her if you are caught. It is the highest “honor” to refuse to give evidence against the Clintons and go to prison for them. They’ll thank you later. 

As the New York Times is reporting via the leaks, those wishing to have a role in a presupposed Clinton White House have been falling over themselves and fighting with each other to be in the good graces of the notoriously fickle Hillary. It was also revealed that Clinton is “concerned” about to “connect” with common people, especially given that her wealth was accumulated not through business acumen (like Donald Trump’s), but by traveling around the country, with little more credibility than her “celebrity” status and the expectation that she would eventually run for president again, and being paid exorbitant amounts to “speak” and make promises that were directly at odds with her “populist” and “progressive” shtick she delivers to the same “common” people now. This is a candidate so devoted to the idea of supreme power that being Janus-faced is just part of the “roles” she must play to different audiences. To whites she touts her moderate to conservative policy positions, and to minorities she is suddenly transformed into a “liberal.”  Of course, to women she offers herself as a “vicarious” connection, but even women and children are only as useful as they are of use to getting her elected.

Compared to Bernie Sanders (or Donald Trump, for that matter), Clinton is revealed as the definitive “insider,” and her level of being corrupted by power and the influence of money was not something that Sanders’ “made-up.” It was real, and the leaks reveal a candidate desperate to make herself appear to be an “agent of change” when she was anything but. Of course it had been decided long before that the gender and “history making” narrative was going to played for all it was worth, but with Sanders gathering the support of younger voters, it was accepted that playing this “card” alone wasn’t going to “close the deal” against Sanders. Clinton had to offer herself as someone she wasn’t—an “agent of change,” leading to her “fighting for you” slogan. But unlike what Sanders was espousing, Clinton offered nothing but “feel good” messaging that with nothing in the way of specifics. Hispanic voters should note that not only has Clinton spoken not one word concerning immigration reform, but the leaks revealed that her aids worried that she was “underplaying” Trump’s wild claim that Mexican undocumented immigrants are rapists (a claim based on a “survey” by two white feminist “researchers”), as if she believes it herself. 

But what is most interesting about the latest batch of WikiLeaks is how Clinton—apparently assuming that the “moderate” Jeb Bush would be her likely Republican opponent—initially aimed to distance herself from the president as far as possible, even if it meant alienating black voters. According to one aid in an email tracking her first public rally in Iowa, “She (Clinton) smacked down POTUS (Obama) on trade and kept kicking for a little.” The aid thought this line of attack seemed to “really work.” But with Sanders taking the Clinton camp by surprise and stealing her “thunder” on the issue, and white progressives abandoning her in mass, Clinton suddenly realized that with the early Southern primaries and their large majority black Democrats, it was now a mistake for her to alienate those voters by attacking Obama. And this is the “thanks” that Obama gets for giving her the third highest-ranking position in the Executive Branch. Not, of course, that Clinton did anything constructive while at State to “thank” Obama.  

Meanwhile, the Clinton camp—and of course for the Clinton News Network it is the only “angle” worth pursuing—is claiming that the WikiLeaks are a dastardly Russian “plot” to help Trump win the election. The truth of the matter, of course, is that all of this could have been revealed through standard reporting channels if the news media hadn’t been so caught-up in helping make “history.”

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