Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There is a God after all

There must be a God after all, since it required an All-Powerful who proclaimed “enough is enough” to prevent Bristol Palin from winning the “Dancing with the Stars” competition. Talent was clearly secondary as long as Palin continued her incomprehensible climb to the finals. It should come as no surprise that right-wing blogs like were actively engaged in “get-out-the-vote” drives for Bristol (I still can’t take those close-ups of her face without feeling an extreme case of nausea); a post on the website suggested that voters can put Bristol “over the top” in order to send “Leftist heads into a meltdown.”

Palin actually expected to win this thing—apparently having the arrogance and lack of humility of her mother. Although the universal opinion was that Jenifer Grey was the far superior dancer and that Palin and her mother’s supporters were clearly padding the voting rolls, Bristol proclaimed on Monday that "there's lots of haters out there that are waiting for me to fail"—I assume she meant “failing” to get a lot of votes—and that she deserved to win because "We've been working our butts off.” Well, maybe her partner, Mark Ballas, deserved to win if only because of the effort required on his part to disguise her patent inadequacies, especially during the “Chicago” routine. But at least she had a “good time,” she said, which all the “haters” can’t take away from her. Isn’t it amazing how paranoid the Palins are, thinking that everyone hates them? Especially the communists, the Marxists, the socialists, the terrorists and all them other “liberals.” And I thought this was supposed to be about dancing, even dancing that is something only approaching mere competence.

Now Bristol can go back to being a “teen activist,” which I’m sure no one except she and Fox News knows what exactly that means. And let's not forget, Bristol's profound ego accepted, that she is a "celebrity" for one reason, and one reason only: because her mother is a media-created "star."

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