Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bristol has the genes

Isn’t it amazing how every week Bristol Palin receives the lowest score from the judges on “Dancing With The Stars,” yet her “fans” keep voting her into the next round? How to explain this? She is by all accounts technique-wise an awful dancer, and that pudgy face and ridiculous outfits (excepting the gorilla suit, which was an improvement) can’t explain her “charm.” Perhaps in an election cycle where voters chose Tea Party nonsense over common sense, it can be seen as perfectly “rational.” Or, like in baseball’s all-star game, it could be Sarah Palin fanatics stuffing the ballot box with votes for their favorite player, with that .220 batting average. Whatever; the best we can say about Bristol is that she is not as dangerously inept as her mother with her recent “commentary” on the Feder al Reserve (or on any subject, for that matter).

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