Sunday, April 8, 2018

"Violent" seasonal workers discombobulating unbalanced Trump and unhinged Sessions

With Fox News sounding the “alarm” and further discombobulating an already unbalanced Donald Trump, and the DHS reporting a “spike” in border crossings last month, Jeff Sessions of the Department of Injustice announced a “zero” tolerance policy, militarizing National Guard units insuring that no one escapes unharmed across the border. Ann Coulter has called for (knowing her, entirely seriously), shooting a border crosser “to send a message.” If she were talking about shooting blacks, the mainstream media would no longer treat her as someone with an opinion worthy of hearing, but it is “OK” to talk about “Mexicans” that way. Every one of them is a violent criminal, after all. After his wave of anti-Mexican tweets last weekend, he traveled to West Virginia to say “And yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. They don’t want to mention that.”

And as some have pointed out, this didn’t “come out” the “other day” except maybe from some far-right “news” source reporting “old” news, and there is no actual evidence to support this claim. The original report of this came from two white feminist “researchers” who conducted a “survey” among illegal immigrant women and was published by Fusion back in 2014. No doubt such incidents occurred, but let’s also take into consideration that these immigrants were likely asked leading questions that they felt they should answer affirmatively to gain more “sympathy” and aid them in staying in the country. The Los Angeles Times didn’t question the 80 percent figure quoted in the Fusion story—merely pointed to alternate perpetrators: “Robberies, rapes and assaults — perpetrated by smugglers, drug cartel members and Mexican immigration agents — are common. In one incident in 2010, 72 kidnapped migrants were killed by a cartel in northern Mexico.” Bill O’Reilly—formerly of Fox News—chided Trump for using the “rape” allegation again, but only because he felt that “Mr. Trump continues to personalize our problems with Mexico by mentioning rape etc. thereby fogging up the issue.”

What the media isn’t talking about is that these “spikes” in border crossings are the most obvious manifestation of this country’s illogical work visa program. While H-1B visas are handed out like candy year-round to so-called “high-skilled” South Asians, some who own companies here and use the program to bring in friends and family because white Americans are too “stupid” to do office drone work (see Infosys) and walk around as if no one is going to touch them even if they have overstayed their visas. However, they are apparently are not “smart” enough to do agricultural, forestry or construction work—which are mostly “seasonal” work and the reason why there is a “spike” in border crossings at this time of year. These people are not “criminals” bringing “violence” into the country. They are here because the country needs their labor. They are not living like millionaires in their home country like many of the South Asians, who come here because they don’t want to be surrounded by the poverty that the persisting caste system in their country has created, and they do not want to take responsibility for it. Why isn’t the media making this clear?

Because this is about race and racism that the media just ignores, because they are part of the problem. There are no Hispanic voices in the mainstream media (not even on “liberal” MSNBC) to counter the atmosphere of hate, which isn’t just about “illegal” immigrants, but Hispanics as a whole are “feared” because some believe that their so-called “alien culture” is “taking over” the country, which just may be an excuse to explain their racism period. People like Tennessee senatorial candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn still expects this to be a “winning” strategy, hoping that a “Americans want their country back” platform will “resonate” with voters; we know who the only people who qualify as “Americans” to a far-right, self-styled “conservative feminist” are, don’t we? In one of his more lucid moments, Geraldo Rivera referred to this as “HisPanic,” and as a Fox News contributor he has on occasion taken some its “HisPanic” personally. 

Saturday Night Live the other day featured a Fox News parody in which the word “Mexicans” was the “news alert,” needing no further “explanation.” Isn’t that the truth?

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