Monday, February 12, 2018

The "King of Debt" is at it again, like the connard he is

There is no point in keeping a “civil tongue” when it comes to what is going on in the country today. When it comes to Donald Trump, his “advisors” and at least a majority of congressional Republicans—especially Paul Ryan and his gang of self-destruction in the House—they are, well, connards. What else can one say? Well, maybe worse, but we’ll leave it at that. How long has it been since the Republicans passed their “tax reform” bill? And how long did it take for those chickens come back home to roost? Not very long, in fact the moment Trump signed it. It is being reported that due in part to a drastic decrease in revenue because of it, and a dramatic increases in military spending to swell Trump’s already bloated head, it is expected that $7 trillion will be added to the federal deficit over the next 10 years. 

Trump’s “solution” to the deficit problem? Slash Medicare, Medicaid (we already knew that), environmental protection and all social safety net programs. Why does Trump hate the poor so much? After all, without them, who would he compare himself to? People would think he is an even bigger connard than he already is. He simply doesn’t understand that someone has to do his dirty work, and they should be respected for it; Before he was claiming that he was going to create more coal mining jobs (he hasn’t), he was belittling the occupation in an interview in 1990: “If I had been the son of a coal miner, I would have left the damn mines. But most people don’t have the imagination — or whatever — to leave their mine. They don’t have ‘it.’” What a connard.

But Trump doesn’t mean to actually “reduce” the deficit by this means, at least not by much; he only wants to gift-wrap most of the “savings” and send it over the military and other “security” needs, which of course means “the border,” although not any of it to stop our chief “export” flowing over our border into Mexico (guns that kill innocent Mexicans in drug violence). Whatever is left that can’t be satisfactorily “justified” even to Trump to give away to those entities will be classified as “deficit reduction.” There was of course a two-year budget deal passed by both the House and Senate in a spirit of “bi-partisanship” that raised spending on social programs and military by not so much as Trump desired, but guess what? Where Trump goes, so goes the Republicans, and since they control Congress, so will likely go all that “bi-partisanship” stuff.  

Trump’s blueprint also includes $200 billion in “infrastructure” spending, which has already been derided as pointless and useless; Trump expects another one billion or so to come out of “public/private partnerships, which is mostly idiotic since state governments simply don’t have the cash, and private “entities” will just laugh at him behind his back. In the state of Washington, residents are being asked to pay what some say is excessive car licensing fees to pay for a regional light rail system that won’t be completed until at least 2040, if ever; nobody is in the “mood” for Trump’s hot air on the subject.  More bizarrely, Trump’s budget includes $17 billion to combat the “opioid” epidemic, which may exist, but let’s be clear about what this is: opioids are technically a legal painkiller that has been grossly abused by the medical profession and by the public. It is not the responsibility of the government to baby these abusers, just as they don’t those who abuse alcohol. Is the federal government also spending billions to address illegal substance abuse? Well, hell yes—by “hiding” the problem in prison cells, since unlike opioid addiction, it is stereotyped as a “minority” problem that doesn’t need to be handled gently.

Meanwhile, some in the media have been asking “What happened to the Tea Party?” Funny how we haven’t heard much from them in a while. They bring-up this question because Republicans are not delivering the “goods” on controlling the federal deficit. Oh really? Must we go through this sham once more? Trump is the “King of Debt,” and deficits are “good” when Republicans are in control. Did the Tea Party forget that? Even the deficit “hawks” come around sooner or later, except when it comes to things that help people live. First and foremost, like all the far-right “movements” that came before it, the Tea Party is racist and anti-progressive; they simply opposed a black president and everything that this black president stood for. The Tea Party types shouldn’t be wining about anything Trump has done, in fact he has done everything they could have wished for. Yeah, there are a few out there lying to us about how they oppose “big government,” but they aren’t wining about massive military and “security” spending, are they? What do they really care about? If what they want (as Rand Paul wants) is to simply end all social safety net programs (even Social Security), we should at least be clear about their “motivation”: they like most people on the right equate social safety net programs with “undeserving” racial minorities. Everything boils down to race for them.

Money for DACA, naturally, is not in Trump’s “blueprint,” and why should it? Yes, Mitch McConnell is unleashing what the media is calling a “free-for-all” debate on immigration reform in the Senate. But without a base plan of their own to debate (falling on their swords for Trump’s outrageous proposal), as usual Republicans never have a “plan” for anything until someone’s ready to push them off the cliff. There seems little reason to believe that anything constructive will come out of it. It appears more likely that the immigration issue will once more be “saved” as political campaign fodder later in the year. And DACA recipients? It depends on how long the court order postponing its end continues, with the U.S. Supreme Court on a “fast track” to decide its fate—and perhaps even before that, since, as the Washington Post is now reporting, Trump and Jeff Sessions have taken the “shackles” off the ICE, allowing it to engage in completely indiscriminate arrests of any and all, even those in the country legally, or without criminal arrests or convictions, making a mockery of Trump’s claim that he is making America “safe” rather than causing economic havoc. He is, after all, an asshole. “Pardon” my “French.”

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