Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Trump: “the least racist man you know”—or the most racist man in America?

The Trump administration’s fixation on immigration and using the most abhorrent language and images to describe nonwhite immigrants is without doubt what makes Donald Trump the most racist president in U.S. history. It’s just a fact. Deal with the blow to your moral “credibility” that you allowed this happen. Now, when asked if he is racist, Trump has claimed that he is the “least racist” man anyone knows. However, everyone knows—even his “base”—that this is a crock because that is why there are still those who support him against all reason. His rock-solid base wants a racist in office who reflects their own views, which have been “marginalized” since the civil rights era. 

Of course, you may point out that Trump really isn’t the “most racist” person in the country. There are plenty of others in his own administration, like Jeff Sessions, John Kelly and Steven Miller, who are “technically” more racist than he is, and have been the “worker bees” toiling overtime to feed him their gruel of bigotry and hate, causing him to continuously expectorate vile nonsense from the sluices of both of his bodily portals, which frankly there is no apparent differentiation from what is expelled.

But for all practical purposes Trump is the most racist man in America because he has become—either by allowing himself to be used by racists, or willingly being their mouthpiece, or more likely simply from being a congenital  belief in his own “superior genes”—the symbol of racism in this country (even his choice of wives—at least two of them—demonstrate this, from a desire to procreate with “pure-bread” European stock, albeit fashion models desired  more for their “superior” looks than their brains). As president of the United States, he is supposed to set the moral tone; instead of being representative of anything even sniffing at the “moral center,” he has—as Aldous Huxley said of Hitler—denied nonwhite people in this country their own unique individuality as human beings, ridding from them any positive human qualities, rather lathering upon them every hateful pejorative he can think of as a group. 

It is no longer useful to simply blame Trump’s stunning display of contradiction in at one time hosting a televised meeting with a bi-partisan Senate group in which he wanted a DACA law that showed “love” to just a few hours later denouncing any plan that didn’t include the most irrational anti-immigrant policies (that do not take into account the labor requirements of this country) to simple mental illness. That he fully embraces the most extreme view of nativists and xenophobes concerning so-called “low skill” labor in that they have no “merit,” blindly refusing to take into consideration that we live in a country whose “native” population is growing older, and that immigrants from Russia (or Norway or India for that matter) are too arrogant to work the jobs that this country needs to survive on the most basic level, demonstrates that racism completely clouds any sense of reality. Like Winston Churchill, he see the world through the prism of skin color, and there is nothing more or less to that.

DACA should be an "easy" issue to settle; polls show that as many as 9 in 10 Americans support it. But we see now that it isn't so easy for people like Sessions to accept even that, seeing how we saw this cruel, inhuman man literally shaking with race hate during his press conference attacking "sanctuary" mayors who refused to attend a mayoral meeting with Trump today. Who is the "outlier" on this issue? The American people, or at least those with any claim to moral credibility, need to tell Trump and Sessions that they are the ones. When Charles Schumer called Trump’s bluff and accepted his “wall” requirements during the short-lived government shutdown, the hypocritical Trump quickly followed-up that this was still not being “enough” and added on even more outrageous demands, proving that he doesn’t even want an immigration reform bill at all (let alone DACA), at least not one that makes sense for future labor needs of this country.

Trump now claims to be "open" to a DACA deal with an even higher dollar sign for a wall. Are we to be fooled again? Believe it when you see it. There is every reason to believe that what Trump and his racist stooges would prefer to do is simply round-up every "Mexican" in sight and dump them across the border, just as this country did during the Great Depression when as many as 600,000 U.S. citizens of Hispanic heritage were simply rounded-up like cattle and deported without any due process rights--which is something Trump appears to desire to do again with his demands for greater power for the ICE. Sessions in particular wants to create a country that is as pallid as he is, but it is Trump who is the one where the "buck" stops. Because he is one to set the moral and ethical tone for the country, and because the tone he is openly supporting is one that demonstrates a complete lack of moral authority, this makes him America’s Number One Racist.

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