Sunday, August 7, 2016

Clinton’s mendacious protestations aside, the media IS doing her bidding

Since I have no intention of voting this November, I was hoping to avoid talking about “America’s Choice” for the rest of the year, but when I came across the latest mendacity to escape from the lips of Hillary Clinton, I just couldn’t hold it in. Clinton is “urging” the news media to “go after” Donald Trump. Is she that paranoid and self-obsessed that she doesn’t realize that it is already doing her bidding? To wit: Note that Clinton is always pictured with a broad smile—quite at odds with her cruel, vindictive nature behind the scenes, while Trump is always pictured with a Bulldog’s scowl. Is there a “subliminal” message the media is trying to convey?

What is the mainstream news media up to? MSNBC is the “liberal” news network, and it pounds on Trump and his supporters (much as they did to Bernie Sanders and his supporters) every moment it isn’t forced to offer “objective” news, while Fox News’ support of Trump has been tepid at best. The Clinton News Network airs a pro-Clinton ad every hour (or at least it seems so to me), while Trumps’ ads only show-up to be “fact-checked”—meaning to quibble over a minor detail that has nothing to do with the “problem.” And the problem is that despite the fact that Clinton is a megalomaniac whose pathological lying is apparently congenital and in the genes (she is, after all, the fry of Republicans), very little of this fact has filtered down to the masses. So important is it that a female—no matter how corrupt and devoid of substance—be elected for the sake of “history,” that this most pertinent of facts remains a mystery when not in full-frontal denial. 

Come to think of it, Clinton’s corruption was a “mystery” even in 2008. It was only because it appeared the Barack Obama had a real chance of derailing her “entitlement” that her ethical deficiencies were rarely brought up. But because this time around Sanders was fighting against everyone in the Democratic establishment as well as Clinton, at least his supporters felt it necessary to point to Clinton’s real “accomplishments”—ejecting one-by-one the nails that should have sealed her megalomaniacal quest for ultimate power in a box: Cattlegate, Whitewater, Travelgate, the suicide (?) of Vince Foster, Filegate, Chinagate, the “it” of the Lewinsky affair, the various campaign contribution scandals, Clinton Foundation scandal, Benghazi and the email scandal (concerning which another video has emerged of her expressing utter contempt for the law and the voters, which she has failed to adequately “explain”). All of these things she has and continues to lie about.

Thus Clinton has nothing to “complain” about, since the media has been fully complicit in her crimes because of its failure to educate voters about her past the crimes she has been accused of, let alone force her to explain her proven lies about every one of them. Clinton has “defended” herself by claiming that subsequent “investigations” allegedly “cleared” her of any wrongdoing, but this is patently false; all the investigations into these scandals found crimes committed, but found pertinent documents relating to the Clintons destroyed (just as the Clintons’ Whitewater and tax documents were gathered-up and shredded after Foster’s death), and could get no one to testify against the Clintons. What these investigations did find (and this was true of the recent FBI investigation) was that Hillary Clinton had repeatedly and willfully lied about her activities. 

Clinton’s media and gender advocates blindly gloss over her defects, instead making various  insinuations against those in search of the truth about Clinton. This is quite different than when Obama was elected. The so-called Tea Party was repeatedly provided “respectability” by the Clinton News Network, rather than be exposed for what it really was—a core of racist, nativist xenophobes for whom unreasoning opposition to Obama merely because he was black was their only justification for living. These fanatics have been around since the Colonial period, when even the likes of Benjamin Franklin bemoaned the presence of German immigrants and their “alien” ways. The Tea Party has not been “destroyed” by Trump, but merely allowed to morph back into what they really were all the time. 

But Clinton is untouchable. Yeah, sure you can find her detractors all over the Internet, but the fact that Clinton has a large lead in the polls indicates that is not where people are getting “educated.” They are getting their “facts” from the mainstream news media that has taken upon itself to insure that Clinton is elected president by doing exactly what she wants: refusing to examine her career of crime and her fitness to be president, while portraying Trump as a scowling buffoon, incompetent to boot. I encounter Trump Nazis every day, but only a Hillary Clinton could make “America’s Choice” so hard to make.

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