Sunday, July 17, 2016

Campaign ads touting Clinton's foreign policy "experience" merely underscore what Clinton IS good at--being "disingenuous"

Donald Trump’s awful “speech” Saturday morning, which was supposed to be merely the official announcement of his pick of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, is not a reminder that he is unfit to be president, but that we have two candidates who are unfit to be president. This only makes Bernie Sanders' endorsement of and officially dropping his contesting of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention just that much more of a letdown. For myself, I am holding true to my principles and will not vote for either Trump or Clinton.  

I’ll talk about what Trump’s “speech” seems to indicate about this candidate next time, but for now I want to talk about Clinton. Before Trump’s Saturday speech, which he read from scratch paper upon which he apparently scribbled some random thoughts (perhaps while sitting on the toilet), the Clinton News Network ran a Clinton campaign ad that was so brief as to be invisible, fitting for her total lack of accomplishment—other than getting lemmings to elect her to the U.S. Senate with no qualifications for the job, collecting $21 million in personal fees for a few speeches at secret corporate functions, and of course escaping punishment for her numerous crimes.  The first 15 seconds featured a few soundbites from Trump, which mean little since his supporters are familiar with his delusional ideas of foreign realities, and share them. Then for the remaining 15 seconds there are several brief statements about Clinton’s foreign policy accomplishments, such as they are. 

The problem is that they add up to something in the deficit range. She had a photo op with Putin; so what. Putin’s adventures in the Ukraine should tell us how much he “respected” Clinton behind the scenes. Clinton is against human trafficking? Get in line. The numbers are overblown, but what there is hasn’t been stopped either. But thanks for caring, Hillary. Clinton helped “negotiate” a ceasefire in the last Gaza battle? No, not really. Israel and Hamas fought it out until there was nothing further to be gained, and it was the Egyptians who actually did the arm-pulling in the end. The truth is that Clinton—who is a very ill-tempered, foul-mouthed individual when a camera is not recording her canned clichés—doesn’t have the requisite “intangibles” to be an effective diplomat, and she was only a “rock star” in other countries when onlookers were throwing rocks and insults at her motorcade, as they did during her last official visit to Egypt. 

Meanwhile, Clinton left  much of the rest of the Middle East in a shambles, North Korea’s looney dictator only became more dangerous as his playpen continue to stock nuclear toys (China only recently decided to impose “sanctions” on North Korea, and only for technology that might be used for nuclear purposes), and somehow I don’t think that Iran—having snubbed its nose at her, only reaching a nuclear “deal” after she left the State Department in scandal—will be any more impressed by a potentially “historic” election, heaven forbid. 

Anyways, any attempt by Clinton to portray Trump as Barry Goldwateresque (and by a former “Goldwater Girl”) should be tempered by the fact that Clinton’s list of “accomplishments” as Secretary of State add up to nothing more than her “record-setting” travel itinerary; she apparently was on the “road” so much that she didn’t actually have time to do anything constructive.

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