Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hypocrisy from every direction after Orlando massacre

The killing of 49 people—nearly all of them Hispanic males—and the wounding of 53 others at an Orlando, Florida night club catering to gay men has been subject of a great of deal of hypocrisy. Let me count the ways:

·           The shooting spree, perpetrated by an Afghani man, Omar Mateen, was at first called a “terrorist act”—which besides allowing the media to avoid calling it a race hate crime, also allowed Donald Trump to take a more “subtle” message of xenophobia to Scotland; I wonder if someone there whispered in his  ear that the Scots voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union with its “hated” inter-nation immigration policy. In any case, the massacre gave Trump an opportunity to be self-servingly “humble” about his being “right” about his proposal to put a moratorium on Muslim immigration. What he didn’t mention was to what extent that his campaign of anti-Hispanic hate had to do with it; I wouldn’t be the least surprised if some of his supporters “joked” about the shooter helping reduce the “illegal immigrant” population.

·          The media has focused more on the fact that the victims were in the gay community rather than the Hispanic community. This is an untrue assumption; the LGBT angle was only peripheral to the shooter’s motives. It has been revealed that his motive was “revenge” against Hispanic males, allegedly due to some resentful spat he had with Hispanics over perceived "slights" he felt. The fact that he chose a gay male club was because it provided an easy opportunity to kill as many Hispanic males in one place as desired.

·      Unlike Spanish-language news outlets like Univision, the American news media virtually ignored the Hispanic take on the shooting, with non-Hispanics crowding them out with their own narrow “interpretation" on events, revealing the total lack of respect for the humanity and intelligence of the largest minority group in the country. Even the rare instance where a Hispanic was allowed to express an opinion on CNN’s website, it was merely used as an opportunity to “scold” the Hispanic community about ignoring its LGBT community.

·       Some black commentators who self-servingly refuse to recognize hate crimes against Hispanics because only blacks are “allowed” to be the targets of racism, have whined about whether or not the massacre was actually the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, since Hispanics (and not blacks) were the victims, who apparently are of no concern to them. They have scrounged the bottom of the barrel to find an example where blacks were actually the victims of the “worst” mass shooting. Try as they might, under the current definition the Orlando massacre is the worst mass shooting insofar as the number of dead are concerned.

·           The LGBT and “gay pride” movement has hypocritically taken advantage of the massacre by falsely taking “credit” as the victims. Yes, most or all of the victims were gay people; but as indicated before, the shooter did not target them because they were gay--indeed, there are now claims that the shooter was gay himself--but because it was a large gathering of Hispanic males who he wanted to take out his “frustrations” on. They should take at least as much interest in the incident involving actress Kelly McGillis, who “outed” herself a few years ago as a lesbian—saying she was “done” with the “man thing”—who was stalked and assaulted by a woman who broke into her home the other day. I wonder what her intentions were.

·           The massacre came one week before the U.S. Supreme Court upheld on a 4-4 split a Republican-appointed judge’s blocking of Barack Obama’s one feeble attempt at keeping his promises to Hispanic voters.  While he and Joe Biden laid flowers at a memorial for the victims, I couldn’t help but “marvel” at all he had done for Hispanics: deporting more than any other president (2 million), while betraying 4 million parents of U.S. citizens who believed in him, only to be now exposed to easy pickings by immigration agents.  The only reason that Obama has been able to pretend to be a friend of Hispanic voters is because of the intransigence of Republicans on immigration reform, and Trump’s pathologically xenophobic behavior.

And finally, the massacre didn’t stop some small-minded bigots from expressing an “opinion” on Hispanic males. Take, for instance Marie Hausauer of the Seattle Weekly. Hausauer composed a graphic “editorial,” depicting what are obviously meant to be “macho” Hispanic males, “offending” your typical privileged, self-obsessed white yuppie types. Out on the trail apparently reserved for white people, Hispanic males “listen to sick beats”; the word “sail” comes out of the boom box. According to the Urban Dictionary, “sail” can mean a toke of marijuana—or more likely Hausauer’s racist, misandrist take, having a “boner” while floating naked on water, with the offender’s penis sticking out of the water like a “sail.” That kind of thing only emerges from sick minds—like Hausauer’s. Hispanic males also “throw rocks at birds,” or have “super-aggressive dogs” because they are “haters.” Not only that, but they bring “bros” to block the trails and prevent privileged white people from passing them.

Well, I have news for Hausauer—you reap what you sow, so here it goes: When I see someone like you whenever I am forced to walk the streets of Seattle, I see someone who is conceited, arrogant, full-of-shit, bigoted and a Nazi. How do you like it? Furthermore, it is white people who are the ones who think they own the sidewalks, arrogantly blocking other pedestrians by walking three or four side-by-side. Meanwhile, out on the “trail” it is conceited white people who are the “pests”; these fakers either jogging or riding bikes in their silly skin-tights, not for “exercise” or to take in the “sights" or even because they need to be somewhere, but as a “look at me” social activity for those with too much leisure time. 

People like Hausauer need to keep their ignorance about other groups to themselves, and talk about people they actually know something about—like other conceited, arrogant, full-of-shit, bigoted Nazis, who apparently constitute at least half the white population in this country, supporting Trump. I wonder if Hausauer could defend herself by claiming to be “friends” with a Latina; I would discount that even if true because there are some conceited Latinas who fish for Anglo males in order to “enhance” their social “status”—and I am a social and political soldier, not a strumpet.

There is no escaping the truth. Even a grisly incident like this is purposely diminished because there are those who refuse to accept that they helped create the atmosphere of hate against a whole group without allowing them any opportunity to counter it. Of course something like this was fated to occur—and the left is as guilty as the right in making it so.

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