Sunday, May 29, 2016

UW's Trump support might be "small" but their "message" is not

Donald Trump supporters at the University of Washington have gained some minor league notoriety locally and nationally (if Fox News nutbag Ann Coulter qualifies) from a “wall” erected on campus that is supposed to be a stand-in for the wall that Trump claims he will build on the Mexican border, to be paid for by Mexico. Alright, so 10 students stupid enough to expose their racism showed up at a “rally” last week, accompanied by 50 protestors. And this is “newsworthy”? 

Is it “news” that what unites Trump supporters is their racism against Hispanics? All that other stuff Trump talks about hardly registers with them; even his politically-incorrect comments about his many female detractors only bothers the media.  We know that “the wall” is a symbol of racism, nativism and xenophobia, but is denied as such.  How do we know this? Because we know from the likes of Pat Buchanan that “Hispanics are out to destroy America”—which is what he said to colleagues on PBS’ McLaughlin Group some years ago; he wasn’t talking about illegal immigrants, but Hispanics in general.  None of his colleagues reacted at all to this—not even the two “liberals.”

I know I am repeating myself, but this is further evidence that this is racism specifically against Hispanics and not simply against illegal  immigration, because of the failure to include Asians in the discussion, for whom a “wall” won’t stop. According to a recent report by the Migration Policy Institute, while Hispanic illegal immigration has remained stagnant since 2000, illegal immigration from Asia has tripled; going back to 1990, the number of illegal immigrants from India has increased a mindboggling 28,000 to 284,000 today. Unlike Hispanics trying to escape poverty and violence, immigration from Asia has occurred despite the dramatic increase in income and living standards (thanks to the migration of electronic, apparel and large machinery jobs to those countries, not to Mexico). In fact higher income has only made it easier for Asians to migrate illegally to this country. At current rates, the number of illegal immigrants from Asia will likely equal that of Hispanics in another two decades. Will anyone care about that then?

Of course people will “excuse” all of this saying most of these immigrates came here “legally” from work or tourist visas and overstayed their time, which still makes them illegal. I suppose Microsoft isn’t asking anyone they brought in initially on H1b visas what their current legal status is, and obviously immigration authorities and the Obama administration don’t care, either.  The truth is that because Asians are stereotyped as the “model” minority, there is much more political capital in rounding up impoverished people in the fields and sweat shops than the protected atmosphere of the corporate and academic environment. 

At UW itself, the foul stench of mendacity couldn’t be more offensive. White students whine about the handful of black and Hispanic students who are barely visible on campus; if you “eliminated” all of them, who would those other 6,000 or so white students who don’t get admitted every year have to blame? The vastly over-represented Asian presence—especially “international” students that the university craves more than native-born American students because of the astronomical tuition they pay (no thanks to the state’s failure to adequately fund education for the “natives”)? Yet if anyone suggests reducing the Asian presence in favor of white Americans, you will no doubt hear complaints of “racism” and “discrimination”—especially difficult to stomach because Asian students tend to ape the racism of whites against blacks and Hispanics, and sometimes worse. 

And one more thing: after agitation by white feminists, LBJ agreed in an executive order to list females as an “underrepresented minority” in need of affirmative action support in 1967. The result was Title IX, which is an affirmative action program in all but name which has benefited almost exclusively white women. And yet in every recent anti-affirmative action case, the chief “victims” have been presented as white females (most recently, Abigail Fisher). As I said, the stench of hypocrisy is too much to bear.

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