Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bernie Sanders’ Seattle visit turns into an “ignorance matters” affair

I haven’t felt like writing lately, but events over the weekend have made it imperative that I make a statement. Now let’s get two facts straight. One, Bernie Sanders has been the most progressive member of the U.S. Senate for many years, and probably in the entire Congress. He is authentic; people haven’t heard much about him because his voice tends to be drowned out by the partisan bickering that the media regards as good for ratings.  Two, Hillary Clinton “stands for” whatever she thinks will get her elected, whether conservative or liberal. She says the “right things” to Democratic interest groups, even though we know that what she is doing inflames irresponsibility and victim myths. In short, she is a phony.

Now, what happened last Saturday at Seattle’s Westlake Center proves that there are plenty of people ignorant on both counts. Sanders stopped by for a campaign rally, and like the recent event in Arizona, he was hounded and harassed by the “black lives matter” fanatics who apparently don’t think anyone else’s lives matter (most people shot by police are not black; it just “appears” that way). Now, if these people actually had any sense or sense of personal responsibility, and had taken the time to educate themselves about Sanders and his political and social views—and compare them to Clinton’s—they would know that Sanders has their interests very much in mind. 

Let’s face the truth for just one second. We saw the one year “anniversary” of the Michael Brown shooting; he was a thief and a thug. He wasn’t gainfully employed. His actions before and during the attempt to arrest him (he had, after all, just committed a crime) suggest that he was one of those gangsta “tough” guys, and a stupid one at that. We can “discuss” whether he “deserved” to be shot by a police officer, or who his life mattered too. But Sanders’ vision that the working people “matter” and his policy positions concerning the unequal distribution of wealth and lack of adequate job creation because of the way income is dispersed is something that those ignorant protestors at Westlake should know would help themselves find jobs that pay a living wage, instead of being on the street in the occupation of thieves, dealers and thugs. That is just the simple truth.

Of course, it is Clinton who benefits from all this mendacity meant to beat down the authentic candidate and put the fraud on a pedestal. What Clinton says to appease the “black lives matter” mob does nothing to solve their problem; as I said before, all it does is inflame the sense of victim “entitlement” and failure to take responsibility for the failure of civilized norms in their own communities. That’s it.

It goes without saying that the media has also inflamed this irresponsibility, and has taken every opportunity to demote Sanders for his audacity in giving the fraud a run for her money. Deep down, we know that people are playing the gender game, believing that Clinton is “owed” the presidency. Clinton was the only person who could have benefited from that farce at Westlake, and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if some in the crowd were Clinton stooges who wanted to embarrass and hound Sanders out of the race. Authenticity doesn’t matter to them; ignorance and phoniness does.

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